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About me


Hello, I am Tina-Victoria.

I am from the UK and I have another website purely for creative writing and lifestyle updates called

This is my new blog where I will be writing articles and sharing my views of the world in general, nothing too personal will be posted here, that's for my other website.

Topics shall include, gardening, science news and reviews to name but a few.



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  Women as sexually proud beings is a thing regarded with shock and horror in society, as we are often raised to be “good girls” even when we are destined to become women. We are not meant to enjoy the fervours of sex we are merely vessels to carry the generation on so that our species continue for eternity. The idea of a woman talking openly about sex and her desires is shocking and wrought with disgust and shame, you smutty hussy, you whore, you jezebel. The notion that a woman shall watch and enjoy porn of all genres, obscene! Even more so the idea that a woman shall choose not to carry on the next generation within her own body, because of her sexual orientation being so-called unnatural – is almost to sentence that poor woman to death to the narrow-minded and evil of society. Being someone like me who is happily bisexual and I would say with a gender identity issue where I want to be both genders at the same time – I find the idea of people trying to force their views of